Phill Nosworthy on clarity, redefining imposter syndrome and moving at the speed of wisdom 

Hands up who’s busy? Busy with work, life, kids, family, businesses, side hustles, resting (now when did that become a task) and everything in between. 

The reason many of us are so busy, constantly moving and thinking at 100mph is I believe, in its most positive sense, because we want to get it right. 

We want to be the best we can be in every aspect of our life. Maybe that’s achieving mastery in our field. Maybe it’s being the best leader or parent we can be – or maybe it’s just not waking up one morning and realizing a window of opportunity has passed us by.

Nobody gets the results, impact, influence or relationships they want without giving it 110%.

But what if we’re actually too busy to be brilliant? 

What if by slowing down, not hiding in the story of the ‘busyness’ of our lives, we could step back and reclaim the power we have to create the impact we want. 

This is the mindset and approach that runs through the entirety of my conversation with today’s guest on the podcast – and no matter which way our conversation turned – every road seemed to lead us right back to that place.

Today’s Guest 

Phill Nosworthy  is a speaker, author and educator specializing in leadership, personal mastery and high performance. 

Having spoken around the world over 2000+ times to companies including Microsoft and Universal Music. Phill is also the founder and managing director of Switch L+D; a learning and development company that advises and coaches some of the planet’s foremost CEO’s, executives, athletes and entertainers.

I also know him as one of the most conscious and intentional leaders, husbands, fathers and humans that I have had the pleasure of knowing for more years than I can count.


You’ll Learn

  • Why so many of the top performers he sees and works with are simply too busy to be brilliant. Including how we can shift our goal from working at speed – to working at the speed of wisdom. 
  • Imposter syndrome – how to define it and how to tackle it. Honestly Phill has one of the most unique takes on this that I have found, his insights into this one aspect are worth the price of entry alone.
  • The importance of checking in with yourself as you build your influence, specifically what he calls micro check-ins OR ROC’ing – R: relax, O: open up, C:connect. 
  • The 1%ers of impact – Simple, practical strategies and improvements you can make, rather than either postponing or tripping up on the big strides. 
  • Finally, the importance of ‘prescription vs description’ in leadership, I’ll leave that one there – but suffice to say this one stuck with me in how I both lead and show up as a parent since this conversation.

There are some people in your life that – no matter when the interaction, you know you’re going to come out with something new – something fresh – to try on and apply in your life. It might be a new idea, a new tool, or just a new lens on an old problem.

Phill is one of those people.

For me, this conversation also came at just the right time, as my family and I embarked on a new journey moving (or packing up) our entire lives and moving to Spain. 

If you’re listening to this, I have a feeling it might also be the right time for you.

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