Koelle Simpson – Transformational tension: How to sit in the space in between now and what’s next 

As the Inside Influence Team and I take a short break to refuel our collective batteries over Summer – or Winter depending on where you are in the world – we’ve got you covered. For the month of August we will be releasing a weekly power cut of our favorite (and your favorite) podcast episodes. A short powerhouse version containing some of our favorite moments. To keep you fuelled and showing up at the next level. Our first powercut is with Koelle Simpson. 

Today’s Guest

Koelle Simpson is one of the most highly regarded horse whispers on the planet.

A world-renowned coach and leader of the Equus Coaching Movement. Her work has been featured in O Magazine, BBC Business Report, The National Journal, The OWN Network. She is also a TEDx speaker as well as appearing on many other stages around the world. 

The Koelle Institute works with individuals and Fortune 500 organisations to create transformational leadership experiences – all by using the lens of her journey as a horse whisperer – to decode the silent language of authority.

Why silent? Well when it comes to building trust with a wild horse, all the best sales or leadership language in the world isn’t going to help. Charm and charisma don’t work. And raising your voice generally has the opposite effect.

Horses are listening to one thing and one thing alone. Your presence. Your ability to show up fully and yet with calm intent. Your ability to wait and hold space – and yet – still instill trust that you will lead the charge when it counts.

Get it wrong – panic or overcompensate – and you may well meet the wrong end of 1000 pounds of instant feedback.

Which is why, when I first came across Koelle and how she applies the world of horse whispering to leadership presence, I had to know more.

Personal website: https://koellesimpson.com/

Company website: https://equuscoach.com/equus-coach-training2/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koelle.simpson
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koellesimpson/?igshid=18gyzqhw71gs0

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/koelle-simpson-21835012/

You’ll learn

  • Dealing with transformational tension – how to honor the space of becoming and all the triggers and instinctive responses that brings
  • The importance of cultivating our capacity for empathy
  • How to stay curious and notice when we’re activated – HUGE ONE – then choose a response that’s in alignment with the person and leader we wish to become

If you enjoy this powercut episode and would like to hear my full conversation with Koelle Simpson please refer to the link at the end of the show notes, head over to my website juliemasters.com – Episode 124 – or wherever you get your podcasts.

For now sit back, relax and enjoy my powercut conversation with Koelle Simpson.

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